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Pacific World School

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Pacific World School

HS - 02, Tech Zone - 4 Near Ek Murti Chowk Greater Noida West

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Pacific World School | Greater Noida
2 years ago        2    

Pacific World School is one of the best schools in Greater Noida. The renowned school is affiliated with CBSE board and offers K-12 education on its 5-acre campus. The school offers digital classrooms, a healthy student-teacher ratio, advanced laboratories, excellent sports facilities, professional-level sports coaching at no extra fee, global awareness through organized events and transparent communication to parents. The school’s motto is empowerment, empathy and excellence and its mission is to emerge as a centre of excellence in education in the country. The school focuses on the continuous development of the children and encourages them to become creative and compassionate citizens. The school is committed to providing high-quality education and a transformative learning experience to children on campus. Pacific World School offers diverse learning opportunities to children with an aim to create a learning curve that is not bounded by the four walls of a classroom. The school is renowned for bringing academic concepts to life with unique and creative experiential learning concepts, using technology and infrastructure as mediums. The school encourages children to learn and grow by teaching them necessary life skills like teamwork, critical thinking skills, self-confidence and effective communication. Children are encouraged to participate in diverse activities with other children who possess sets of mixed abilities at Pacific World School. This teaches all children to appreciate each other and recognize different levels of skills and talents. Pacific World School is accepting admission forms for the new academic session. Choose Pacific World School and offer your child an opportunity to learn and grow in one of the healthiest and most productive learning environments.

Pacific World School